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Eyesore No More - Report Abandoned Vehicles
Report Abandoned Vehicles in Santa Clara
Posted Date: 7/7/2014
The last thing you want in front of your home or in your neighborhood is an abandoned car.

Citizens can report Abandoned Vehicles in two ways:
• Via 24-hour hotline, (408)615-4778
• Online

Once reported, the Santa Clara Police Department’s Traffic Division will assign abandoned vehicle complaints to Community Service Officers to begin the abatement process.

Santa Clara Municipal Code Regarding Abandoned Vehicles
Santa Clara Municipal Code Section 10.05.470 prohibits parking or storage of any vehicle(s) on a public street for more than seventy-two consecutive hours. Excluded from the City's abatement program are: any vehicle(s) parking or stored on private streets, commercial properties and/or rental housing properties, including parking lots.

Santa Clara Municipal Code Section 10.10.010 prohibits the storage of any abandoned, disabled, dismantled or inoperative vehicle(s) or parts thereof on private single-family residential properties in a location where they would be visible from the public right-of-way. Such violations may be declared to constitute a public nuisance for criminal, civil and/or administrative abatement actions.

Non-compliance will result in the issuance of citations and/or towing of the vehicle. All costs for citations, towing, storage fees, and city vehicle release fees must be paid by the vehicle owner before the vehicle will be released. (Under California Vehicle Code Section 22658, it is the financial and legal responsibility of the private property owner to deal with abandoned vehicles on their property.)

Other Parking Violation Complaints
For other vehicle related parking violation complaints (e.g. limited time zone areas, designated handicapped spaces, painted colored curbs and signs, commercial vehicles parked within 300 feet of residential property, someone living inside of a vehicle), please contact the Santa Clara Communications Non-Emergency Dispatch Center at (408) 615-5580.