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Pull to the Right for Sirens and Lights
Posted Date: 4/22/2014

Following these simple rules will help everyone involved in an emergency: those who desperately need help and those who are hurrying to help them. Every emergency responder—firefighter, paramedic, EMT , police officer— will appreciate it when you Pull to the Right for Sirens & Lights.

  • Pull to the right and come to a complete stop.
  • If you are in the left lane, DO pull over into the right lane, as traffic in the lane to your right, moves over. 
  • When an emergency vehicle approaches you from behind, while you are stopped at an intersection, DO stay where you are unless you can pull to the right. 
  • Stay at least 500 feet behind an emergency vehicle.
  • Be extremely careful when driving by or around a motor vehicle accident or any situation where emergency vehicles are parked and emergency crews are working.


  • DO NOT move to the left - ever.
  • DO NOT play your radio so loudly that you are unable to hear sirens.
  • DO NOT stop in the middle lane when there is room to pull to the right.
  • DO NOT pull to the left into the center lane, the center divide, or left turn lane. 
  • DO NOT race ahead to make the green light or turn before the emergency vehicle gets there.
  • DO NOT turn quickly to the left onto a street or driveway.
  • DO NOT drive through a red light or stop sign when an emergency vehicle approaches from behind.
  • DO NOT disregard the presence of the emergency vehicle by con??nuing to drive.