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Myth: She wanted it.
Fact: No woman wants to be raped. They do not enjoy, expect nor “ask for” rape. Women have the right to say no. There are no laws against saying no, only laws against rape.

Myth: Rapists are impulsive and sexually frustrated.
Fact: Most incarcerated rapists score in the normal range of psychological tests. They also maintained consensual relationships with others at the time of the offense.

Myth: Women could prevent rape if they really wanted to.
Fact: Because offenders use force and aggression to overcome resistance, it makes it difficult to prevent rape.

Myth: Rape reports are usually false.
Fact: About 2% of reports of all violent crimes are false. Rape is the most under reported of all violent crimes. Only about 15% of all rapes are reported.

Last updated: 8/10/2009 2:13:29 PM