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  • Secure all outside doors with deadbolt locks. Outer doors should be 1-3/4 inch thick solid core wood or metal.
  • Have good lighting at all entrances.
  • Add auxiliary locks to sliding glass doors to prevent lifting and sliding.
  • Add auxiliary locks on all windows to prevent lifting and sliding.
  • Know your neighbors and work out a mutual watch and warning system to prevent burglaries and other break-ins.
  • Identify your belongings by engraving your driver's license number on your possessions.
  • Use automatic timers to turn indoor lights on and off to give the appearance you are home.
  • Stop mail and other deliveries when you are gone for any length of time, or have a trusted neighbor pick them up for you.
  • Close and lock doors and windows every time you leave your home.
  • Install a peephole viewer in your door.
  • Have your locks re-keyed every time you move into a new house or apartment.
  • If you live in an apartment, be attentive, and be careful if you are alone in the laundry room or garage, especially late at night.
  • Do not automatically open your door. Make sure you know who is on the other side before you open it. Insist on identification from repair and sales persons. If in doubt, call their company for identification or look up the company name and phone number in the phone book.
  • Do not admit persons asking to use your telephone. Offer to make the call for them.
  • If you come home and find a door or window open or signs of forced, do not enter. Call the police for assistance.
  • Don't hide spare keys. Give keys to trusted neighbors.
Last updated: 9/10/2009 11:09:15 AM