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It Shouldn’t Hurt To Be A Kid
Yet children continue to be hurt every day. For these children there is no hope unless each one of us realizes that our most important duty is the protection, welfare and growth of our children.

Child abuse can leave a scar that is carried throughout life. In fact, statistics show that the abused child all too often grows up to be an abuser. We know that breaking the cycle of abuse will not only protect our children, but will reduce crime now and in the future. Studies suggest that 85 percent of convicted felons were abused as children.

Without individual and community concern and involvement there are really three "victims" of child abuse: the child, the abuser, and the community. However, each of us may make a valuable contribution to the protection of children and the prevention of abuse. Our concern and involvement is critical - it may save a life.

What is Child Abuse?
Child abuse is legally defined as:

  • A physical injury which is inflicted by other than accidental means on a child by another person.
  • Sexual abuse, including both sexual assault and sexual exploitation.
  • Willful cruelty or unjustifiable punishment of a child.
  • Cruel or Inhuman corporal punishment or Injury.
  • Neglect, including both severe and general neglect.
  • Abuse (all of the above) in or out of home care.
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