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Contact Information
24-hour Support Network for Battered Women Crisis Line
(800) 572-2782

24-hour Next Door Crisis Line
(408) 279-2962

Did You Know?
In California, it is a crime for any person to threaten, beat, sexually assault or otherwise harm another person, even if they are married. Domestic violence is more than just a "family problem" - it's a crime! Battering in not exclusively a crime against women. but they do constitute the majority of victims; thus this publication is primarily directed to the battered wife or woman. Although we have few statistics on the incidence of domestic violence we do know that:

  • Approximately 30 percent of female homicide victims in the United States are killed by their husbands or boyfriends. 
  • Females are much more likely than males to be killed by their spouse. 
  • Domestic violence affects at least one out of every four American families 
  • From 1973 to 1981 the United States Department of Justice Statistical reports that 2.2 million women reported abuse by a mate.

Why Do They Stay?
The most frequently asked question concerning a battering situation is why does she stay? While reasons cover the range from children, love, guilt, fear, pride, embarrassment, financial dependence - or a combination thereof - it is very possible the woman is unaware that she may be locked into a violence cycle.

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