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As part of the current towing service contract, tow company operators have agreed to assist the City and the public with the voluntary surrender of unwanted vehicles. The contracted tow companies have agreed to remove and dispose of relinquished vehicles at no cost to the registered owner or to the City.

The program is under the supervision of the Police Department’s Permits Unit. For more information, contact the Permits Unit at (408) 615-4867.

To qualify for this service, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be a resident of Santa Clara.
  • The vehicle to be removed must be within the city limits.
  • You must provide proper identification.
  • You must provide a title of ownership or a court order indicating sole ownership of the vehicle to be removed.
  • You must agree to sign documents releasing any interest in the vehicle.
  • You must release the vehicle with the understanding that the vehicle will be immediately dismantled.
  • The vehicle must be a passenger vehicle, such as a van, pick-up truck, or sport utility vehicle. RVs, motor homes, boats, and oversized vehicles will not be accepted.

The Police Permits Unit will make arrangements with one of the contracted tow companies to remove the vehicle and process the paperwork.

Last updated: 12/17/2014 2:57:04 PM