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Possession of the following knowledge, skills, and abilities at a level necessary to do police work.

  • Interest in police work
    Willingness to handle routine, repetitive tasks; enforce laws that may conflict with personal values; relate to others; work with minorities; work with fellow officers and the general public; participate in situations that require courage; function in different roles; work under hostile conditions; work under hazardous conditions over long periods of time; change appearance for job requirements and conditions; accept new job duties; and work weekends, holidays, shifts, overtime, and a 10-hour work-day/4-day work-week.
  • Ability to take orders
    The ability to relate to supervisors; maintain objectivity; take criticism and control temper; and the willingness to enforce laws that may conflict with personal values.
  • Ability to take responsibility
    The ability to work without supervision; be reliable; participate in situations that require courage; refrain from abusing authority vested in official role; maintain confidentiality of information; assume a command presence in conflict situations; and refrain from using excessive sick or unauthorized leave.
  • Self-control
    The ability to control one’s temper; maintain objectivity; take criticism; function under oral or physical stress; use authority effectively; function in different roles; work under hazardous and hostile conditions for long periods of time; and work at accident and crime scenes that involve severe personal injuries, or in situations that involve loss of life.
  • Ability to communicate effectively
    The ability to testify accurately; obtain information from witnesses under normal and stressful conditions; and communicate in person, in writing, and via radio.
  • Ability to make reasonable decisions rapidly
    The ability to reason logically; apply discretion in maintaining confidentiality of information; observe and interpret what is observed; evaluate situations and people effectively; and apply good judgment.
  • Willingness to arrest people
    The willingness to take actions that result in imposing penalties on others including: depriving them of their freedom; taking a life if necessary; fighting to win, and injuring another if required; and to enforce laws that may conflict with personal values.
  • Ability to learn
    The immediate potential to learn to write readable, comprehensible reports; to read and interpret relevant laws and procedural material; read maps; apply regulations; communicate verbally with others under stress, analyze material and situations; and record observations from accident and crime scenes.
  • Emotional stability
    The ability to take verbal abuse; the possession of: honesty, integrity, maturity, tolerance, self-confidence, truthfulness and psychological stability; and the ability to meet the physical and psychological demands of police work.
  • Ability to problem solve
    The ability to identify problems or issues that are of concern to residents of the City, and the ability to respond successfully to these problems through the resources of the Police Department, other City Departments, and/or other governmental or private agencies.
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