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Mail Theft
Use locked mailboxes or promptly remove your incoming mail from your mailbox after delivery.

Do not leave outgoing financial mail in unsecured mail receptacles.

Use vacation holds or a trusted friend/neighbor when away from home as mail thieves (and burglars) look for mailboxes with visible mail that has not been removed.

Use electronic billing and statements to avoid theft of financial documents and checks delivered through the mail

Credit Cards
Notify your credit card companies and financial institutions in advance of any change of address or phone number.

Save all credit card receipts and match them against your monthly bills.

Sign all new credit cards upon receipt or write “check ID” on the back of the card.

Empty your wallet of extra credit cards and identification

Never leave receipts at bank machines, bank counters, trash receptacles, or unattended gasoline pumps.

Closely monitor expiration dates on your credit cards. Contact the credit card issuer if replacement cards are not received prior to the expiration dates.

If you applied for a new credit card and it hasn’t arrived in a timely manner, call the bank or credit card company involved.

Report all lost or stolen credit cards immediately. Never loan your credit cards to anyone else
Internet ID Theft.

Use caution when disclosing checking account numbers, credit card numbers, or other personal financial data at any website or online service location unless you receive a secure authentication key from your provider.

Look for the “S” after HTTP in the website address. Although an HTTPS address is used by legitimate websites it is not a guarantee that the site is safe.

Beware of e-mail solicitations disguised as promotions offering instant prizes or awards designed solely to obtain your personal information or credit card numbers.

When ordering a product over the Internet find out about the reputation of the company before you buy.

Confirm the business location using search tools to see if it exists or if the business type matches the surrounding area.

Use a good and current anti-virus program to screen files and links.

Do not click on links or open any attachments that are suspicious.

Shred pre-approved credit applications credit card receipts, bills, and other financial information you don’t want before discarding them in the trash or recycling bin.

Never give personal information over the telephone, such as your Social Security number, date of birth, mother’s maiden name, credit card number, or bank PIN code, unless you initiated the phone call. Protect this information and release it only when absolutely necessary.

Memorize your Social Security number and all of your passwords. Do not record them on any cards or on anything in your wallet or purse.

Last updated: 10/21/2011 11:57:03 AM