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Your involvement does not mean physical intervention. It does not mean snooping on your neighbors. It simply means a willingness to help by recognizing the obvious signs - the continuously injured child, the couple who becomes involved in physical confrontations, or the long-term, unexplained absence of the senior living next door.

How to Start a Neighborhood Watch/Family Violence Reduction Program

  • Contact your local law enforcement agency and ask them to assist you in developing a Neighborhood Watch/Family violence Reduction Program.
  • Contact your local child abuse council, battered women's shelter, family service center, etc., to arrange for speakers at Neighborhood Watch meetings on the programs and the services they provide. They can also provide you with printed material or assist you in locating it.
  • Plan your Neighborhood Watch/Family Violence Reduction Program Meetings to cover each family violence category (child abuse, battered women & elderly victimization).
  • Develop and print a list of agencies which provide emergency assistance to abused children, battered women and victimized elderly. Distribute this list to all of the members of your Neighborhood Watch group.
  • Encourage your Neighborhood Watch members to start Block Parent groups and support prevention programs for children in the schools, scouting programs, churches, etc.

Help Stop Family Violence
Family violence prevention information in a Neighborhood Watch setting is a new concept. It needs your support.

Last updated: 9/10/2009 11:09:15 AM