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Know your date. When a man asks you out, even if he seems nice, agree to meet at a neutral public location. Check with your friends about him, and also tell a friend where you are meeting him.

Inform your date. Make him aware that your family or friends know your whereabouts and the time you plan to be home.

Avoid isolated areas. Go out with other couples, or stay in public places. If you become uncomfortable with your date, help is nearby.

Make your feelings clear. Let him know early on if you don't intend to engage in sexual activity. Some men have the misconception that women secretly want sex, and that they play hard to get. Make sure he understands "no" means no.

Watch for signs. Be concerned if your date orders you around, becomes irritated if you talk to others, makes decisions without regard for you, or if his questions become personal or sexual.

Trust your feelings. If something feels wrong, it probably is. Get to a safe place, and call a friend or relative.
Last updated: 8/10/2009 2:13:29 PM